a logistics journey

A Logistics Journey

On Friday August 26th, the Panama Pacifica Realty Team had the Honor to attend this amazing event organized by the Logistics Business Council of Panama (COEL), "A Logistics Trip", was held in order to reinforce the support and collaboration within this union and what A better way to strengthen ties than by traveling on the Panama Railroad, which is so important for our logistics hub. COEL is looking for new ideas for the sector and this is what we need to reactivate the economy of this country, share with the entire part of the logistics chain to be able to talk and try to further develop the sector.

meet mark livin his dream on the beach in panama

Meet Mark...... Livin' his Dream on the Beach in Panama

When I met Mark online during the Pandemic, he had just started selling all his stuff in Vermont and was preparing to live his dream of kite surfing in the sun every day. 5 month later, with 5 bags in tow, Mark arrived to Panama with a big smile on his face. 5 months later, he is living in his dream condo on a famous kite surfing beach, adopted an abandoned beach dog, and sends me updated wind reports daily..... Your My HERO Mark!!

podcast real estate travel academy panama

PODCAST - Real Estate Travel Academy - Panama

Join Host Gene Jochen of the Real Estate Travel Academy as he meets with David Bayliss and Charla Armstrong, both Real Estate Professionals in Panama. David and Charla share their personal journeys of relocating to Panama and the cultural nuances and Panamanian lifestyle they both enjoy. They also share advice on real estate properties in Panama and what makes this Central American country a great value to invest in.


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