Story Of This American Chica Getting Her Drivers license in Penenome, Panama!

June 17 the 2023

In the humid early morning, a cocktail of anticipation and excitement rippled through me. The day had arrived - I was about to embark on the process of getting my driver's license in the exotically charming town of Penenome, Panama. As I fastened my seatbelt, the promise of the picturesque PanAmerican Highway, beckoned.


The sun was still shy, coyly hiding behind the hills as I cruised along the PanAmerican Highway. A symphony of colors painted the sky, silhouetting the emerald hills and azure coastlines. The beautiful blend of the landscape transitioning from tropical beach fronts to fertile farmlands was a refreshing change of pace, setting the tone for the day.


Upon entering Penenome, the town felt like it had been plucked from a postcard - quaint, vibrant, and delightfully Panamanian. Following local advice, I parked at the Little Caesars parking lot and headed towards the Sertracen office. Navigating through the pedestrian walkway, I could feel the slow-paced, relaxed aura of the town seeping into me, washing away my city-born haste.


The first step of the licensing process entailed authenticating my documents. A brisk walk took me to the Clinical Lavatories for my blood work - an unexpected, but nonetheless essential part of the process. The soft hum of Spanish filled the air as I returned to the Sertracen office, paperwork complete, ready for the next stage.


Entering the office, I was greeted by a guard, the curious glint in his eyes betraying the question he was about to ask. As I shared the purpose of my visit, he guided me to a representative who verified my information. The whir of the camera as it captured my image for the license was a moment that punctuated my journey, symbolizing my progression from a visitor to a participant in Panamanian life.


Next came the visual and hearing tests - exercises of simple clicks that felt more like an engaging computer game than clinical assessments. As the test proceeded, I found myself immersed in the uniquely minimalist design, a stark contrast to the exuberant, vibrant world outside.


With the tests completed, I made my way to the payment window. Handing over the required fee, I could almost taste the sweet success of the endeavor. I took a seat, the waiting room serving as a canvas for the cross-section of Panamanian life, with locals and foreigners alike all congregating in this shared rite of passage.


Before I knew it, the final step was upon me. A sense of accomplishment washed over me as the plastic card, emblazoned with my picture and new Panamanian credentials, was placed in my hand. It was more than just a driver's license; it was a key that unlocked an unexplored world of Panamanian roads and scenic adventures.


As an American, my journey was streamlined thanks to my pre-authenticated US license - a testament to the interconnectedness of global systems, working harmoniously to make such transitions smoother.


Reflecting on the day as I stepped back out into the now sunny Penenome, my driver's license tucked securely in my pocket, I marveled at the fusion of the journey and destination. In the end, the road to getting a driver's license in Panama wasn't just about the destination; it was about embracing the journey, the landscapes, the charm of a quaint town, and most importantly, the rich tapestry of life in Panama! See you around friends!

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