Exceptional Beach Front property at Los Destiladeros, near Pedasi

Code. 4101970

Price of sale US$2,150,000 American dollars

Property details :

  • Country: Panama
  • Estado / Departamento: Los Santos
  • Ciudad: Pedasí
  • Zona: Playa Los Destiladeros
  • Code: 4101970
  • Status: Usado
  • Área Built: 20 m²
  • Área Ground: 5502 m²
  • Área Private: 5502 m²
  • Property type: Land
  • Business type: Sale

Additional Description :

SECRET PARADISE¬†This stunning land of 5502 sq meters, is located at LOS DESTILADEROS Beach, 15 minutes from Pedasi.LOS DESTILADEROS is renown for its exclusive and luxurious villas built by famous architect Gilles St Gilles, and the beautiful pristine beaches with conditions of every mood, quiet and crowd free, surfers and snorkelers delight too.¬†SECRET PARADISE BEACH FRONT property, has a direct access to the ocean, is mainly flat, with the shadow of a few trees. Full privacy is granted, and it is ready for constructing your dream Villa.¬†Electricity is just there on main road and there is a water well.This land is truly a "Has it all".The view from this property is sublime. You can even see the whales from August until November.¬†Sunsets are simple beautiful.This place is one of the most elegant and smart areas of Pedasi.SECRET PARADISE is YOUR opportunity of a life time!Destination Paradise for Luxury LivingWhen considering where to purchase luxury property, there are many factors that you will consider. You may start by determining which country is the most appropriate location for your new home or vacation destination. Mexico has traditionally been a hotspot for luxury properties, but surges in crime and cartel activity has turned many potential buyers away. The Caribbean has been another hotspot for luxury living and vacations, but the impact of climate change‚Äînotably, more frequent and intense hurricanes‚Äîposes an uncertain future for the region. As you consider various locations, here are some elements to consider:Stable climate and low frequency of natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, monsoons, etc.)Resiliency to climate changeStable, democratically elected governmentStable currencyStable, diversified banking optionsPopulation densityAccess and proximity to other expatriatesPotable waterProximity to amenities such as grocery storesAbility to gain residency status (which is distinct from gaining citizenship)Ease and distance of travelWith all these elements to consider, it‚Äôs difficult to find a country that matches all your criteria. If you haven‚Äôt considered Panama, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn about this hidden gem! Panama as a luxury location Situated at the base of Central America and a short two-hour flight from Miami, Panama delights tourists and real estate seekers with its warm but mild climate, stable economy, well-built infrastructure, miles of gorgeous coastlines of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and a contrast of bustling metropolis and nearly untouched beaches. How does Panama measure up to the above considerations?1. Stable climate and low frequency of natural disasters (hurricanes, earthquakes, monsoons, etc.)a. Panama‚Äôs location a few degrees north of the equator affords Panama warm but stable weather conditions. The country is typically passed by the hurricanes that hit Caribbean islands with increasing frequency.2. Resiliency to climate changea. Regardless of your stance on the issue of climate change, any wise real estate purchaser does due diligence into the climate patterns and ocean conditions that might impact their property‚Äôs value. Rising sea levels and drastic changes in climate within the last decade have ravaged traditional resort regions such as the Caribbean and even parts of the South Eastern U.S. While Panama is not immune to global climate patterns, stretches of Panama‚Äôs rocky coastlines and relatively steep beaches make them more resilient to rising oceans than shallow beaches, marshes, and estuaries in many other tropical locations.3. Stable, democratically elected governmenta. Panama‚Äôs government is stable and democratically elected.4. Stable currencya. The history of U.S. involvement in the Panama Canal resulted in strong infrastructure and the use of U.S. currency as the national currency, which simplifies your travels.5. Stable, diversified banking optionsa. Panama City is the finance capital of Latin America. You‚Äôll find more than 50 international banks in Panama City.6. Population densitya. Panama‚Äôs entire population is only four million. Whether you prefer the energy of Panama City with its population of 1.5 million or the rolling pastoral hills that hug the coast, it‚Äôs easy to find the environment you‚Äôre looking for.7. Potable watera. The entire country has potable water.8. Proximity to amenities such as grocery storesa. All cities, towns, and villages have grocery stores and standard amenities. If you prefer tolive in a more rural or secluded area, you‚Äôll reap the benefits of secluded tropical living, but need to travel further for common amenities.9. Ability to gain residency status (which is distinct from gaining citizenship)a. Panama‚Äôs process to gain residency status is among the simplest and most straightforward of all Latin American countries.10. Ease and distance of travela. Panama is only a two-hour flight from Miami, Florida or a four-hour flight from Houston, Texas. Given its close proximity to both North America and South America, Panama has become the hub for international flights. Domestically, no city is far from Panama City, and new airports are sprouting up in small towns across the country for easier access to more rural areas. If you are seeking real estate in the bustling urban core of Panama City, the city will not disappoint you. If you prefer something suburban, there are several well-established club house developments a few hours outside of the city. These offer a gated, all-inclusive development with typical amenities and dues. However, many believe that Panama‚Äôs true beauty lies outside of the cities, along her coastlines.¬†Pedasí, PanamaOn the Pacific coast of Panama lies an idyllic peninsula with named Azueros, with a stretch of coastline called the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is home to many towns and beaches, but notable among them is Pedasí. This town is a modest but growing tourist destination, known for its fishing, surfing, and sandy beaches. Within a few minutes‚Äô drive, you can access...RestaurantsBoatingFishingSnorkelingScuba divingHorseback ridingSurfingFresh fish, lobster, octopus, and a myriad of other seafood caught minutes from your house bylocal experts.¬†With a modest population of roughly 3,800, Pedasí hosts its own attractions, such as the annual fishing contest in July where fishermen bring in 250-pound tuna, 40-pound Amberjack, six-foot Mahi Mahi, and many other local species from just a few miles offshore. The town is a 4.5-hour drive or 35-minute plane ride from Panama City. Seasonal air services fly into a small airport only eight miles away from the city.Playa DestiladerosThe gem of the Pedasí area is Playa Destiladeros, which is merely ten kilometers from Pedasi. The immediate area surrounding Playa Destiladeros takes its name from the beach. At low tide the sandy beach goes on for miles, offering beautiful views of the sunset. Past the shoreline are several tide pools perfect for snorkeling and fishing. Occasional high surf draws in surfers and boogie boarders, along with those who like to soak in the rugged beauty of the coast. Although the beach is one of the most popular in the area, with such a small local community the beach is never crowded. The warm, clear water and stunning beaches make this an ideal area for a vacation home or retreat. Destiladeros does not yet have a high-density of luxury properties. Starting at Destiladeros and heading west are miles of undeveloped low-lying beach areas, which at first glance are begging to be developed. However, several factors have kept the beach areas from becoming heavily developed.Undeveloped coastline beach areas west of Playa DestiladerosFor better or worse, purchasing in the area takes some research. There are several barriers or difficulties associated with building in this low-lying coastline area:Reliable water sourcesOne deterrent to potential developers is the question of reliable water sources. As of yet, no one has drilled to determine the quality or quantity of water in the area. This means that although the area might support a low-density population, it is not likely to quickly become a hotspot of crowded vacation rentals.Lack of infrastructureAdditionally, the area is relatively rustic compared to Playa Destiladeros, which is frequented by vacationers or seasonal homeowners. The coastline to the west of the beach is flat, and there are no major roads or utilities to the expansive beach areas. In contrast, the Playa Destiladeros area is hilly with magnificent hillside villas and reliable water resources.¬†For anyone looking to invest, most land along this west part of the coast sells as large hector parcels at relative low prices. Purchasers must be prepared for hefty infrastructure costs to develop the area, which has turned away potential investors.Notable neighborsLooking west (left) from the property, you can‚Äôt help but notice the splendid hillside villas and a handful of large beach villas. These are the villas designed and built by renowned French architect and developer Gille Saint Gille. More than a decade ago he sold land parcels and constructed beautiful villas for clients. Prices ran from $1 million for smaller homes and up to $5 million for the larger villas. Due to his extensive development of these multi-million-dollar villas,Playa Destiladeros became synonymous as a luxury beach area. All villas in this area are foreign owned used as vacation getaways, which means that most sit vacant during the wet season (summertime in the U.S. and Western Europe). During the summer months in Pedasí (early December through April), owners return for a warm tropical summer. A few kilometers beyond the property lies the vacation estate of the Prince of Liechtenstein and his immediate neighbors, comprised of several wealthy and titled European friends. The immediate area comprised of all foreign owners, which offers its own unique benefits.Neighbors are affluent and well-traveled compared to other areas. Residents of the adjacent property the owner customarily hold a summer evening dinner party, hosting twenty or so neighbors outside on the veranda. This allows neighbors to become acquainted, share news and events, and help newcomers get to know the area. Neighbors represent a wide variety of nationalities, including French, German, Swiss, American, Italian, Spanish, British, and Colombian. Consequently, evening gatherings always include lively discussions, delicious food, and wonderful stories.


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